STEM Careers Conference

Voyage Science’s STEM Careers Conference will be held virtually from February 22 to 24. Each day will cover a different aspect of STEM, with pertinent events being held in relation to that field during that day. 

For more details on speakers, workshops and the university student panel, visit the conference details page below.

Day 1: Healthcare

February 22nd

Day 1 primarily covers the field of healthcare, with guest speakers Dr. Giulio DiDiodato, Dr. Martin Gibala and Dr. Gillian Goward. Furthermore, a resume writing workshop will be offered for STEM in general by Michelle Reyes from Geotab.

3:10-3:40COVID-19 Response with Dr. DiDiodato
3:45-4:15Speaker: Dr. Giulio DiDiodato
4:20-4:50Speaker: Dr. Martin Gibala
4:55-5:25Speaker: Dr. Gillian Goward
5:30-6:00Workshop: Resume Writing
6:00-6:05Closing Remarks

Day 2: Technology

February 23rd

Day 2 covers the field of technology, with esteemed speakers Sabina Martin, Fadi Bahodi, Drew Gibson and Dr. Joanne Atlee. Our innovative Python workshop will also be hosted. 

3:10-3:40Speaker: Sabina Martin
3:45-4:15Speaker: Fadi Bahodi
4:20-4:50Workshop: Programming in Python
4:55-5:25Speaker: Drew Gibson
5:30-6:00Speaker: Dr. Joanne Atlee
6:00-6:05Closing Remarks

Day 3: Science

February 24th

Day 3 covers the field of science, with guest speakers Dr. Philip Britz-McKibbin, Dr. Brad Bass and Dr. Ayse Turak. Our university student panel with students from a variety of fields will also be held on Day 3. 

3:10-3:40Speaker: Dr. Philip Britz-McKibbin
3:45-4:15Speaker: Dr. Brad Bass
4:20-4:50Speaker: Dr. Ayse Turak
4:55-6:00University Student Panel
6:00-6:05Closing Remarks